1. Choose your favorite IDs and add to cart
  2. Proceed to checkout
  3. Add a photo and signature for your ID at the top of the checkout page
  4. Fill in your shipping details
  5. At the comment section below, add the info for the ID i.e Name for the ID, Address, Date Of Birth, Height, Weight, Hair Color and Eye Color
  6. Make Sure The Photo is 4×4 and high quality because only a good photo can produce the perfect fake ID or Driver’s License.faqs

We will start processing your order and get it ready for shipping. This procedure takes up to 38 hours to get your Fake ID ready and ship it out to your destination.


Yes you can, but you only have a few hours after you place your order to do so

The quality of your ID is determined by the quality of your passport size photo, so we advise you to go to a studio and take a perfect passport size photo. Also, we do our best to offer you the best Fake ID we can offer

Our regular shipping is 5 days and express shipping is 24 to 48 hours depending on your order.

You will need to email us your passport size photo, and other information needed for your Fake ID to be produced to this email address ( info@realfakeidking.com )

Yes definitely. Also, you will be updated via email on regular bases on the status of your order.

We accept payments via PayPal ( Friends and Family ), Bitcoins, Western union and Money gram, Zelle and  Cash App, and Vanilla Gift Cards . All our payments are anonymous and your information is 100% safe and secured with us.

Send Us a photo of the damaged product, and we will do our best in shipping a replacement within 5 working days.

Tracking numbers comes from the courier company which your ID is shipped with, eg.UPS , DHL ,USPS

REALFAKEIDKING.COM is your completely trusted, dependable, and legal online id purchasing website.

1. We provide 24/7 online support to ensure that your problems are resolved at all times.

2. We are dedicated to providing high-quality scannable cards that allow you to do a variety of fun activities with your unique novelty ID cards, including concealing your identity.

3. We use a high-tech printing method to ensure that all scannable IDs pass all security tests, and all novelty ids are checked multiple times before shipping.

With us ID cards have been updated to the most recent version, which can 100% pass the most recent scanning detection equipment in the U. S. in 2022; this technique and skill is only available to a few vendors.