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Michigan Drivers license and ID for sale online

Looking to buy fake Michigan IDs or real ID Michigan? Look no further than Real Fake Id King! We offer high-quality documents like passports and drivers licenses with fast production and delivery for USA and Europe.215 characters


Laser engraved grayscale ghost image with tactile date of birth displayed above. Tilt the license to reveal the three-color ink “Michigan” (twice) and the bridge image. Laser perforated “ME”; micro printing; UV condition sticker on front. Back; ghost image, date of birth of UV ink. Extended license with the same functionality and additional RFID (Radio Frequency ID).

Scannable features:

may indicate a genuine ID. The Michigan address must be included in every ID.
Magnetic stripe for license verification with SWIPE scanner. READER Two encoded QR codes containing scanner credentials.

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Buy Fake Michigan IDs

We know the real design and quality of a new Michigan ID or Driver license. Our company keep the quality to standard with those issued by the state (DMV). We produce the IDs and Driver licenses that are completely the same with that of the Government. Buy Fake Michigan IDs

Buy New Michigan ID and Driver License Features

  • All Cardholder details which include DOB, Full names, Height, Weight, Signature, Photo, color of your eyes and much more you know. Fake Michigan IDs
  • The ID is valid for up to 2 to 4 years from the day of purchase with additional 2 weeks of grace that permits you to do renewal
  • The ID number has got up to 7 or sometimes 8 digits (A) always there which are unique from that of any other ID holder of Montana ID
  • Latest designs that meet the Michigan DMV standard designs

Outstanding Security Features

  • The Michigan State Seal
  • A ghost photo of ID holder
  • Scanning areas of the real Michigan ID card: 2D barcode and  a 1-D bar code on the back of the ID
  • 13 digit unique number not far from the holder’s signature
  • Real ID star that is indifferent from DMV ID star
  • the MICH letters are laser perforated
  • The header has a bluish-colored “Bridge” representing Michigan monument
  • The color disappears when the ID is tilted at different angles

We have the Michigan ID, Michigan Commercial ID and the Michigan DL available with all security features inserted. buy fake Michigan IDs

With the help of DHL, FedEx, United State Postal Service, delivery is 100% secure and safe right at your home address. Fake Michigan IDs

How to order Michigan Driver License

These are the information needed from you to get your document processed

1. Your full legal name
2. Your date of birth
3. Your Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (optional)
4. Your residential address
5. Height
6. weight
7. hair color,
8.pic(white or colored background works)
9.Signature(We can also do you one at no extra cost) buy fake Michigan IDs

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