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Buy Maine ID

We know the real design and quality of a new Maine ID or Driver license. Our company keep the quality to standard with those issued by the state (DMV). We produce the IDs and Driver licenses that are completely the same with that of the Government. Buy Maine Real ID

New Maine ID and Driver License features

  • All Cardholder details which include DOB, Full names, Height, Weight, Signature, Photo, color of your eyes and much more you know
  • The ID is valid for up to 8 years from the day of issue
  • The ID number has got up to 7 or sometimes 8 digits (A) always there which are unique from that of any other ID holder of Maine ID

Outstanding Security Features

  • The state seal that overlaps the main photo
  • The Maine State Seal is in UV INK
  • A ghost photo of ID holder
  • Scanning areas of the real Maine ID card: a 2-D bar code
  • Variable Optical Ink; The ink changes color when you move the card from left to right or front to back. 
  • Micro-print: Tiny handwriting that looks best when enlarged. Buy Maine Real ID
  • Ultra Violet Ink : The front of the card reveals Ultra Violet Ink, which is identical to the UV design used on the actual issued cards.
  • Laser Perforation: Eastern White Pine, the state tree, has a perforated design. A precise pattern that will pass any security check can be seen by shining light behind the card
  • Carbon fiber: A legitimate issued driver’s license is printed on card stock, the same material. For the states that utilize poly carbonate, only Bogus vibrator offers phony identification online. This information is crucial for you to understand because all it takes to detect a false ID is to drop the card on its edge. The card will sound distinctly like a compact disk when printed on poly carbonate. Buy Maine Real ID

We have the Maine ID, Maine Commercial ID and the Maine DL available with all security features inserted.

With the help of DHL, FedEx, United State Postal Service, delivery is 100% secure and safe right at your home address. Buy Maine Real ID

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