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  • On the front was the first illustration of “The 16th President of the United States,” Abraham Lincoln.
  • Your photo will have a blue background.
  • In the center is the “ILLINOIS STATE SEAL.

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  • A hologram of “The Chicago Skylines” with the words “LAND OF LINCOLN” is cloned to perfection. It
  • overlaps the photo of the cardholder on the right.
  • As a holographic overlay, the Secretary of State and a ribbon-shaped object.
  • It has laser-perforated holes that make up “The Illinois State Map,” which can be seen when illuminated.
  •  ultraviolet elements. Buy fake Illinois drivers license
  • One of the most important aspects of this license is the hat on Lincoln’s head. On the front of our Illinois forged IDs, we print this element with sensitive UV ink, along with a wavy figure pointing to the left.
  • The back of the card has a duplicate image of the person with a date of birth printed in ultraviolet ink.

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It includes 1D and 2D barcodes. The later code is generated by our “ILLINOIS BAR CODE GENERATING” software, which is identical to the DMV’s system. Buy Illinois Fake ID online

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